Jovica Marceta
Boško Karanovic
Ante Milinovic
Milan Pešic
Roland Andersson
Ove Pettersson
Dag Franzén
Daniel Mikic
Robert Jacobson
Mieke Heybroek
Ulysse Plaud



(write with light)

Every day we leave a trace of ourselves, of our time and our cultures and civilizations. Photography records all these and with its invention ’death stopped being absolute’. Time passes dangerously fast. It was 32 years ago when I developed my first photographs on Orwo and Fotokemika paper. My elder brother was an inspirer and a teacher. The photographs were taken with a cheep East German and Russian cameras and a Kodak ’Brownie holidey’ whose negatives were 4x6.5 cm.
A long time ago I read ’all that is remembered passes fast, all that is recorded stays for ever’ and I started to record moments of life. The big curious eye of the camera lens was searching for a motif and recorded all that was in front of it, most often on the film as well as on the slide which can be easily transformed into the picture on the whole wall. In the beginning I photographed my hometown most often, and later I took photos of everything.

Photography is not my craft and it is not something I live on, but it is a big love.Light makes a photograph be a picture. Searching for light I visited some towns and met some people. And I want to share with you those lost and discovered landscapes as well as the people I’ve met.At the same time I asked my closest colleagues, old and new friends, teachers and great idols to take part in creating this book. With this book we initiate the exhibition of photographs, photo relay, ’Traces, landscapes, faces’ which will increase and be enriched in each region of exhibiting with new contribution of local photographers. The exhibition will take place in a few cities of Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia, Croatia; then in Leksand, Sweden in September 2005 and after that we hope that it will continue its journey of friendship to the twin towns in Norway, Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Japan…

The selected photographs are ‘seconds of life and stains of memory’ and have a strong impression of the author, that is, of a partial selection. They’ve been slightly processed or haven’t been processed at all. I think that even scrapes and fingerprints represent a trace of time and personality.If you sometimes, while having tea or coffee or in the company with a dear person, turn some pages of this book and share with us our recorded moments, the mission of this book and the whole idea of the gathering (the project ‘Crossroads’) will be fulfilled. I want to thank warmly all those who helped the creation of this book I dedicate to my closest ones.

Jovica Marceta
Leksand, Sweden
December, 2004